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For weight, energy, detox, beauty, anti-aging, pain, stress, hormones & more

Men's Testosterone Treatment & women’s Menopause Treatment 

Our hormone replacement therapy (HRT) addresses hormonal issues within the body using bioidentical HRT.  Issues such as hormone imbalances and hormone deficiencies in both men and women.  Restoring normal hormone functions and alleviating many symptoms, HRT is an optimal way to get your body operating at its peak.  

Gain More Energy

Depression, brain fog, interrupted sleep, and an increase in body fat can also be caused by low T. Hormone replacement therapy is a potential solution once it’s determined that a patient’s testosterone levels are abnormally low.

Lose Body Fat

An imbalance of various hormones can keep you from living life to the fullest. The condition not only robs you of precious energy for daily living, but it can steal your zeal for work, family, exercise, and even sex. 

Regain Your Libido

Health issues, such as loss of muscle mass and a reduced sex drive, are often due to low testosterone levels. If you’re experiencing symptoms like these or other men’s health problems, we can help. 

Men's Testosterone Treatment 

Increased motivation
Better sleep
Increased stamina
Help with weight loss
Increased libido
Ease joint pain
Aid with hair loss
Increased concentration
Decreased anxiety

HRT in Melbourne Florida for Men & Women

Women’s Menopause Treatment 

Reduce aging
Maintain bone density
Increased energy
Reduced hot flashes and night sweats
Increased libido
Decreased anxiety
Help with weight loss

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