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For weight, energy, detox, beauty, anti-aging, pain, stress, hormones & more

IV Infusion in Melbourne Florida

IV therapy is best known for its ability to hydrate your body and make you feel your best. It can also improve certain conditions that affect the digestive tract, including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, and cystic fibrosis

IV Therapy in Melbourne

Direct to Body Nutrition

Rejuvenate IV Therapy in Melbourne Florida delivers nutrients directly to your cells through the bloodstream.

Meyer's Cocktail in Melbourne, Florida

Fewer Side Effects

Intravenous vitamin therapy bypasses the stomach and intestines. This means no upset stomach or intestinal problems like cramps

IV Infusion Treatment Florida

Allows Higher Doses

Rejuvenate Melbourne Florida's IV Therapy allows for high-dose therapy to be delivered intravenously. 

Melbourne, Florida IV Therapy

Many Cocktails Available

Our IV Therapy cocktails are often custom mixed for your specific needs and medical situations.

Our IV Menu

Outstanding vitamin IV Drip for maximum absorption.  Utilizing our IV Therapy is the most effective way to nourish your body back to health.  Our IV dips deliver essential minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, etc. directly into the bloodstream allowing nutrients to be ready at a cellular level.  It’s the fastest way to deliver larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated orally for maximum results.


Magnesium Sulfate
A unique blend that decreases blood pressure, alleviates muscle cramps, treats migraines and improves hormone regulation while also improving sleep and reducing anxiety and stress.

Rejuvenate Pro

B12 + b complex + calcium gluconate + minerals + vitamin c + post push of Glutathione
Your answer to overall health and wellbeing.  Our unique cocktail promotes mental clarity, boosts immune system, restores balance, improves gut health and adrenal fatigue, and can help boost energy levels to help you perform at your best.  


B complex + glutathione + vitamin c + minerals + zofran + toradol
This tried and true classic, developed by Dr. Myers is a one stop shop for anything that bothers you.  Dr. Myers’ original blend that’s an all-in-one multi-vitamin, aids in hydration, replenishes electrolytes, improves mood, allows for better sleep, and better energy.  


BCAAs + glutathione + vitamin c + b complex, calcium gluconate + minerals + glycine + magnesium sulfate + B12 +
Encourage faster muscle recovery and treat fatigue with added anti-aging qualities.  Ideal for athletes to boost everything your body needs post-game or post-workout. 


B complex + EDTA + B12 + glutathione + magnesium sulfate
An excellent detox blend.  Support your current HRT treatments, cleanse your body, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, flush metals from your bloodstream, fight blood toxicity, and so much more.  


Toradol + Alpha-lipoic acid + magnesium sulfate + EDTA + glutathione
Excellent pain and inflammation assistance.  Also a great source for seasonal allergy relief. 


Increase cognitive function to support vascular, mental, sexual, and hepatic health.  Also improves mental clarity, memory, and blood flow.


B 12 + b complex + lysine + magnesium sulfate + minerals + vitamin c + glutathione
Get your gut right.  A perfect way to cleanse, protect, and reinforce gut health with an added bonus of relieving bloating.


Minerals + vitamin c + LIPO b + Arginine + b complex + canitire + glutathione
Weight loss at its best.  Burn fat more efficiently, enhance healthy digestion, all while metabolizing fat and carbohydrates.


Magnesium sulfate + Vitamin C
HIgh dose of vitamin C to support a stronger immune system, reduce lead toxicity, improve iron absorption, heal wounds and more.  Also a great cancer therapy aid. 


B complex + BCAAs + biotin + vitamin c + b12 + glycine + minerals + glutathione

An anti-aging remedy.  Fight free radicals, promote healthier hair, skin, and nails, increase energy, enhance skin luminosity.   

Peptides & Vitamins


Promotes fat loss, enhances metabolism, preserves muscle mass, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces risk of metabolic disorders, exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, supports cartilage repair, potentially improves bone density, and has a favorable safety profile.


Promotes wound healing, accelerates tissue repair, reduces inflammation, supports gut health, enhances muscle and tendon healing, potentially exhibits neuroprotective effects, aids in pain reduction, and has been studied for its potential therapeutic applications.


Supports cell membrane function, aids in liver health and detoxification, promotes cognitive function, assists in lipid metabolism and cholesterol management, improves gut health and maintains gut barrier integrity, potentially exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and contributes to skin health and hydration.


Injectable B12

Benefits include increased energy levels, improved mood and mental clarity, enhanced metabolism, support for red blood cell production, potential relief from symptoms of B12 deficiency, and assistance in nerve function and overall cellular health.


Stimulates natural growth hormone release, promotes muscle growth and strength gains, aids in fat loss, enhances recovery and tissue repair, improves sleep quality, supports joint and bone health, potentially increases collagen production, and exhibits a favorable safety profile.


Believed to promote longevity and anti-aging effects, supports telomere lengthening and cellular health, potentially enhances immune system function, aids in DNA repair, exhibits antioxidant properties, may improve sleep quality, and has shown potential in neuroprotective and cognitive function support


Powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, supports cellular health and detoxification, boosts immune function, promotes skin health and anti-aging effects, helps with liver health and function, potentially reduces oxidative stress, and plays a role in maintaining optimal overall health.


Used in fertility treatments, stimulates ovulation in women and testosterone production in men, aids in weight loss by suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism, potentially improves body composition, may support testosterone production in hypogonadism, and assists in testicular descent in male infants.


Promotes muscle growth, increases strength and exercise performance, supports bone density and joint health, aids in fat loss and body composition, improves skin health and appearance, potentially enhances cognitive function, boosts immune system function, and plays a role in overall growth, metabolism, and cellular health.


Stimulates growth hormone release, promotes muscle growth and strength gains, aids in fat loss, potentially improves bone density and joint health, enhances recovery and tissue repair, supports sleep quality, may have cognitive benefits, and exhibits a favorable safety profile.


Promotes muscle growth and hypertrophy, aids in recovery and tissue repair, potentially enhances fat loss and body composition, improves nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, may improve joint and bone health, exhibits potential neuroprotective effects, and supports energy levels and immune system function.

Low Dose Naltextrone

Reduced inflammation, improved immune system function, relief from chronic pain, possible modulation of autoimmune conditions, enhanced mood, and potential support for certain neurological conditions.


Benefits include stimulating the release of growth hormone, promoting muscle growth and strength, supporting fat loss, improving sleep quality, enhancing recovery and tissue repair, potentially improving bone density, and exhibiting a favorable safety profile.

Tadalafil (Cialis)

Benefits include improved erectile function, increased blood flow to the penis, prolonged duration of erection, potential treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension, and potential management of benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms


Benefits include significant weight loss, appetite suppression, increased metabolism, potential improvement in insulin sensitivity, and potential reduction in risk factors associated with obesity-related diseases


The primary male sex hormone, has potential benefits that include increased muscle mass and strength, improved bone density, enhanced libido and sexual function, improved mood and cognitive function, potential cardiovascular health benefits, and potential positive effects on body composition


Benefits include improved glycemic control, weight loss, appetite suppression, potential cardiovascular benefits, and potential positive effects on metabolic health.


A combination of three medications (papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil) used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Potential benefits include improved erectile function, increased blood flow to the penis, prolonged duration of erection, and potential treatment for individuals who do not respond to other erectile dysfunction medications.


(Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide) is a peptide with potential benefits that include smooth muscle relaxation, potential improvement of blood flow, potential anti-inflammatory effects, potential regulation of immune system function, potential neuroprotective effects, and potential therapeutic applications in conditions such as pulmonary hypertension and gastrointestinal disorders.


 a medication used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Potential benefits include improved glycemic control, weight loss, appetite suppression, potential cardiovascular benefits, potential reduction in HbA1c levels, and potential positive effects on metabolic health.


Benefits include significant weight loss, appetite suppression, increased metabolism, improved insulin sensitivity, and potential reduction in obesity-related risk factors.

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